Communication Skills – Interpersonal Skills

Every interaction in the professional and personal space involves communication.

Most problems are solved and challenges are overcome through effective interpersonal communication. However, it is communication itself that at times gives rise to misunderstanding or creates confusion.

It therefore becomes crucial to understand how people communicate differently and what are some of the easiest yet most effective ways of communicating.

This training will help the participants in uncovering the different social styles the knowledge of which goes a long way in enhancing communication in the professional and personal spheres.

Our training experts will guide each participant to identify his social style and understand
how assertive communication can help in all walks of life through the use of real-life
examples and customized feedback will be shared to further improvement.

  • Understanding the flow of communication
  • Understanding the different types of communication
  • Identifying one’s social style through an inventory
  • Learning about the characteristics of different social styles in detail
  • Enlisting the pros and cons of the different social styles
  • Getting to know about the role of emotions in interpersonal communication
  • Learning about assertive communication
  • Role of assertive communication in interpersonal dealings
  • Advantages of being assertive
  • Practicing being assertive through case studies and role plays
  • Learning to communicate with impact

This workshop is open to all individuals who wish to improve / enhance their interpersonal communication skills so as to become more skilful in professional and personal relationships.

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Course Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

OutsourcingWise reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the course due to unforeseen circumstances. If the course is cancelled from our end, management will refund 100% to its participants

Note: the minimal class size to start the class would be 3 pax